What to Do When You Have a Stiff Neck


You could be at home or you could be driving your car and you could still develop a stiff neck. No matter the time and location, when you feel soreness or pain in your neck, the situation can truly be a bother.

A Stiff Neck can affect all of us at any point in our lives. Although certain medical conditions or injuries put other people at higher risks, knowing what to do when we cannot move our necks is important to stay safe.

Whatever the level of neck pain you have, try to pause or stop what you are doing. Those who would continue their work put themselves and the people around them at risk. Even if you are in the middle of something, find a moment to pause.

Do not force your neck to move in the hopes of snapping from the pain – it does not work this way. Try to reach for a heating pad or ice pad, whichever can help you relieve the pain and stiffness in your neck. If you have pain relief medications or anti-inflammatory analgesic cream, you can also try them.

Before going back to what you are doing, slowly check your neck’s status. If the pain persists for quite some time, it may be best to seek help. Consult your doctor if a stiff neck happens often.

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