Suggested Preventive Actions for Knee Pains


When a part of our body is not functioning well, we usually feel pain in the affected areas. For example, Knee Pain can be a symptom of an illness, a non-recovery of a previous accident, or just a normal wear-and-tear of our bodies. Regardless of these reasons, there are ways we all can try to prevent pain in the knee area.

  • Maintain a healthy weight.
    Extra pounds can put an additional load on our bones and muscles. Heavier weights put added strain on the joints, which increases the risk of injuries and arthritis. Maintain the weight that is healthy for your condition.
  • Prepare your muscles before working.
    If you are an athlete or you work in a physically demanding job, try to give your body time to prepare for the heavy work that follows. An adequate time for conditioning can help you perform the sport better without throwing your body into sudden stress.

While an effective Occupational Therapy in New York can help manage or eliminate pains and regain functions, knowing useful preventive measures can contribute to reducing your risks of having one in the first place.

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