Effective, gentle treatment to ease tension in your body

In using the Strain/Counterstrain technique, our clinicians will use only their hands for the treatment of muscle and joint pains. It facilitates passive body positioning of dysfunctional joints into positions of comfort that compresses the offending muscle. By this, the aberrant reflexes relax and make the muscle spasm forcing a sudden reduction of muscle tone to normal levels. When the muscle relaxes, it will also increase the range of motion, easing the tension of your muscles and joints. Counterstrain is an effective but extremely gentle therapy since its action for treatment makes the patient’s body away from the painful, restricted directions of motion.

Strain/Counterstrain Technique is beneficial for:

  • Infants with torticollis
  • Elderly patients with osteoporosis
  • Stress fractures
  • Pregnancy or pelvic pain patients,
  • Postoperative pain,
  • Arm, leg, and spine injuries
  • And more

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