Physical Therapy to Relieve Arthritis Joint Pain


It is common for some older adults to have limited mobility and flexibility. These limits often come naturally with old age. However, when an elderly has arthritis, joint pain becomes more painful and difficult to manage. One way to address joint pain is physical therapy. With that, our physical therapy in Brooklyn, New York, aims to help the patient move safely and effectively. Here are some benefits of physical therapy:

  • each the patient proper posture and body mechanics to relieve pain, improve bodily function, and restore the use of the affected joints.
  • Suggest treatment options, such as braces to support joints, shoe inserts to relieve stress on the lower extremities, and? hot and cold therapy? to ease joint pain and stiffness. Strength exercises may also be gradually done to support the joints.
  • Teach ways to preserve or improve the ability to perform daily tasks. This is often done with our occupational therapy in New York.

Road to Recovery Physical and Occupational Therapy offers various therapy services from our balance training to physical therapy in Far Rockaway. All our services are aimed to help people who want to improve their bodily function.

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