How to Address Balance Problems


Balance problems happen for a lot of reasons. The most common one is an issue in our vestibular system, the part in our inner ear that is responsible for our balance. Another reason could be diseases in our circulatory system, such as stroke. The effects of stroke such as paralysis of some parts of the body and dizziness cause balance problems. To address these causes, our balance training and physical therapy in Brooklyn, New York, can help.

Balance training is facilitated by a vestibular rehabilitation or a physical therapist who teaches you exercises and activities that will improve your balance. The therapist is there for you every step of the way so no need to feel afraid that you will fall. They will guide you from the stretches to cool-down activities.

Our physical therapy in Far Rockaway also complements the balance training to ensure the holistic improvement of your body movement. The rehabilitation process aims to help you gain back your strength, flexibility, and balance.

Road to Recovery Physical and Occupational Therapy offers various therapy services, such as balance training, physical therapy, and occupational therapy in New York. Feel free to contact us for inquiries and appointments.

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