What Causes Your Back to Hurt?

What Causes Your Back to Hurt?

Back pain is not easy to figure out. So before we discover why your back hurts, let us review the human anatomy.

A human adult has a spine that is composed of 24 stacks of bones. This is called the vertebrae. And this stretches from the nape and ends with the sacrum and coccyx. Our body needs this part in order to support ourselves and to protect the nerve fibers that run from our brain to the extremities. There is a disc that is made up of cartilage. It is composed of a gel-like material in order to serve as a shock absorber.
Now that it is out of the way, let us explore the four probable reasons why you may be having an aching back. These include the following:

  • Poor posture
    One of the reasons why people suffer from back pain is because they do not observe proper posture. It is always wise to be aware of your posture. And it also pays to have a change of your daily living activity especially if this activity is getting unhealthy.

    Always remember to follow the following tips:

    • Follow the correct sitting and standing posture
    • Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time
    • Adjust yourself to a comfortable position when you work
  • Wrong body mechanics
    Sometimes, we move our body wrong that we end up injuring ourselves. Lifting is one example. So make sure you keep the following safety lifting procedures such as:

    • Keeping the object you are carrying close to your body
    • Never strain your lower back when lifting
    • Using your strong muscles in your extremities to do the lifting
    • Avoiding twisting when lifting
    • Asking for assistance
  • Stressful living conditions
    Stress can not only cause bad skin. It will also give you back pain so it pays to avoid stressful situations. And when you do encounter these circumstances, do not panic and dive right into it. Here are some tips on how you can keep away from stress:

    • Manage your stress
    • Understand the nature of your back pain
    • Take a rest
    • Write a journal
    • Chat with a friend
    • Engage in your favorite hobby
  • Not exercising
    Aerobic exercise can maintain your strength and flexibility. And it is a good thing that both strength and flexibility benefit our spine really well. Talk to a physical therapist on the perfect exercise program for you.

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