A Word of Advice: New Moms Should Seek Physical Therapy

A Word of Advice: New Moms Should Seek Physical Therapy

This is it. Now that your child has been successfully brought out into this world, you know your life will change and you cannot turn back the time. Your life will now get chaotic. You will not have that amazing solo time or a good and romantic night with your partner.

Shifting roles can be difficult. But even if we know this by heart, body and soul, we still fail to care for our body after we deliver our baby. We need to care for our bodies more often and make postpartum care our priority.

New moms should give importance to seeking physical therapy after they have successfully given birth. We have four reasons why you need to observe this:

  1. To have a smooth transition to motherhood

    A lot of women find it hard to defecate and urinate after giving birth. We can excuse this fact given the pain of childbirth and everything in between it. Postpartum physical therapy helps in recovering from your labor experience and in regaining your control back. Aside from that, the therapy is noninvasive.

  2. To help you stay strong

    Your pelvic muscles are the ones greatly affected when you deliver. This group of muscles runs from your pubic bone to your tailbone. This help in controlling your bowel as well as your bowel function. It can even add up to your sexual performance. It is common for these muscles to be stressed after birth. So better go to your physical therapist and work on making these muscles healthy and strong.

  3. To ease lower back pain

    Carrying another human for nine months could definitely hurt your back. Most mothers experience lower back pain during their pregnancy. It can even continue even in postpartum.

    If you come to Road to Recovery Physical and Occupational Therapy, our team of physical therapists will help you ease your lower back pain. You do not have to suffer anymore from bending and lifting things. You have a solution right here.

  4. To feel good

    Once you are a mom, you are entering a new phase of your life. And what is even more interesting is that you will also help build the life of your beloved little angel. That is why you need to prepare yourself.

    You can enjoy our Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York to help you get back on track. We will help you not only in easing out the pain but also in regaining your daily function.

Who says motherhood needs to be stressful? Who says you can never get back into shape after this life-changing moment? You do not have to subject yourself to the everyday torture of postpartum pain and stress. You only need to ask help from the experts.

We do not only limit ourselves to giving services in Brooklyn, we also extend our Physical Therapy in Far Rockaway. To find out more about our services, visit www.b2hpt.com.

Happy Mother’s Day, new moms!


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