Taking Control of Your Pain Using the McKenzie Method


The McKenzie method is a type of physical therapy and exercise that centralizes or controls pain and focuses on self-healing techniques. People who experience some form of muscle strain or back pain have reported controlled pain using the McKenzie method. This method consists of guidelines for evaluating someone’s movement and exercises designed to improve posture and spinal mobility.

To attain the full benefits of the McKenzie method, it is best to work with a physical therapist or avail of our physical therapy in Far Rockaway to receive a proper evaluation.

Some McKenzie exercises are also safe to do at home, especially those for back pain relief. But it’s important to consider that this method may not be for everyone. If you have had back surgery or a serious spinal condition, it’s best to avoid this program.

If the McKenzie method is safe for you and recommended by your doctor, be sure to perform the exercises slowly. Abrupt movements might worsen your symptoms. And again, it’s better and safer to perform it with a physical therapist. The following exercises, together with our physical therapy in Brooklyn, New York, may be used to control your back pain:

  • Lying on your stomach for 2 to 3 minutes eight times a day
  • Prone on your elbows
  • Prone press-ups
  • Standing extension
  • Lying flexion

The McKenzie method is one approach to treating back pain. To learn more about the exercises, call Road to Recovery Physical and Occupational Therapy. We also offer occupational therapy in New York.

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