Common Sports Injuries That Need Physical Therapy


Injuries are inevitable when participating in competitions, organized sports, fitness activities, or training exercises. This is made particularly more common by poor training methods, lack of conditioning, and inadequate warm-up. Sports rehab helps people regain their strength and mobility after an injury.

As a provider of physical therapy in Far Rockaway, we have treated several patients with sports injuries. Some of the common ones include:

  • Ankle injuries
    It is common for athletes to roll their ankles while running.
  • Pulled muscles
    Muscles can stretch or tear when overused despite being worn out and tired.
  • Shin splints
    The connective tissue around your shin can get inflamed after long hours of running.
  • Knee injuries
    The ligaments in the knees can be strained due to a sharp twist or bending the knees in the wrong way.
  • Hip flexor strain
    Your hip flexors may become weak if you sit a great deal at work or have a bad sitting posture. These can be injured when sprinting, running inclines, and having sharp turns.

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