Why Does Your Back Hurt? 5 Surprising Spinal Sins

Why Does Your Back Hurt? 5 Surprising Spinal Sins

Office workers who spend most of their 9 to 5 sitting in front of the computer may feel a pain in their back that pins them to their chairs. Cyclists may feel a twinge that radiates down their back as they pedal. Whether you’re a worker, a sports enthusiast, or somewhere in between, you will eventually deal with your back pains, too.

Here’s the tricky part: You can make or break your spine health even with those little, seemingly insignificant daily activities, like playing with your smartphones, slipping on your shoes, and picking up an object from the floor. Most back pains are due to strains or sprains brought about by excessive lifting, overuse, or accidents. In other cases, pinched or compressed nerves are to blame for your pain.

Are you suffering from chronic back ache?

You’re not alone. Road to Recovery Physical and Occupational Therapy often hears many patients complaining about their back pains. As an access to Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York, we had sat on this issue and rounded up these 5 back-breakers many people usually do without knowing.
If you’d like to know the potential culprits that snatch your back’s glory, buckle up as you’re in for the surprise:

  • Hunching or slouching in front of a screen

    If you have tech obsessions, you’re more prone to deal with more aches in your shoulder, neck, and back. But even when you barely check your screens, sitting all day is hazardous too!

  • Smoking

    The next time you feel like lighting up, you aren’t just wreaking havoc on your heart and lungs, but also to your spine. Nicotine sure has a way to interfere with our body’s normal mechanism, like restricting blood flow to our vertebrae and disks.

  • Belly-sleeping

    Sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your muscles and joints. Consider your sleep post too. Is your bed too hard (this can hurt your hips and shoulders) or too soft (this gives hell to your joints and back)?

  • Wearing the wrong shoe

    We already know about banning sky-high stilettos in our shoe cabinet, but it’s surprising to hear that sandals and flip-flops can cause trouble too. If high heels are too much for spine support, flats are too less for it. Maybe it’s time to consider alternating your shoe styles.

  • Ignoring your core

    Focusing on your abdominal muscles (such as in crunches) is terrible to your spine-supporting muscles. Your core is composed of many muscles aside from your six-pack abs. Side, back, pelvic, and buttock muscles work simultaneously to support most of your body movements.

Pain, pain go away!

Have you already spotted your back-breaking habit from the list above? Here are quick tips to bring relief to your back pain:

  • Get a massage therapy
  • Consider chiropractic care
  • Consider acupuncture
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Take muscle relaxants
  • Stretch and exercise
  • Seek physical therapy

Troubled by your back aches?

Get help. Explore your care options in our Physical Therapy in Far Rockaway by visiting our website www.b2hpt.com.

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