The Differences in Physical and Occupational Therapy

The Differences in Physical and Occupational Therapy

Both occupational therapy and physical therapy are kinds of rehabilitative care. The main objective of rehabilitative care is to prevent and enhance the degenerating quality or condition of life due to surgery, injury, and illness, such as Arthritis. If there are similarities in occupational and physical therapy, there are also some differences between them.

Physical Therapy in Far Rockaway will take you to a closer look at the differences between these therapies:

Physical therapy concentrates on assisting to improve your agility, function, and mobility. If someone had a knee replacement surgery, the physical therapist would help the patient strengthen the knee. It could help the patient to move effortlessly with less discomfort and Knee Pain.

The Occupational Therapy in New York focuses on helping the patients to do their daily routines naturally. This kind of therapy could help you improve your gross and fine motor skills so you could perform some specific daily activities. The occupational therapist would also give attention to making your school or home atmosphere more ideal for your everyday life. For instance, the therapist might assist a patient in recovering from a stroke. An occupational therapist can also aid in relearning how to perform the basics of daily tasks, such as eating with spoons and forks or dressing up, and might make some changes at home, like putting up some grab bar in the hallways or shower.

The conclusion is that physical therapy is focusing on improving or restoring strength and motion. Meanwhile, occupational therapy will enhance your motor skills, which are essential to do your everyday tasks. Road to Recovery Physical and Occupational Therapy, a dependable Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York, is here to assist you in choosing what therapy is suited to you.

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