How Physical Therapy Helps in The Battle Against COVID-19

When we think of the battle against COVID-19, we think of our doctors, nurses, and surgeons. All selfless souls who have chosen to help others during this difficult time. What isn’t talked about as much is the round of after-effects that come with battling the virus. They are different for everyone. Some recover just fine, some suffer from brain aneurysms or multiple strokes, some suffer from heart complications such as pericarditis, and some suffer nerve loss sensations such as foot drop and some loose motor function in certain limbs. While these side effects do not appear in the daily news, they are very real, and physical therapists play a vital role in unlocking certain aspects of the virus.

Since April, our Therapists have been on the front lines helping patients recover from COVID-19. They share their stories in the video below. Check it out to learn more about their experience with the virus and how physical therapy is helping these patients.

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