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A Healthy Home Life for Seniors

The Aging Process The older we become, the more our body gives up on us. It starts to burn fewer calories, aches pretty much in all places (particularly the back!), and becomes a lot less sturdy from losing muscle mass. In an age where healthcare providers can offer the best solutions to combat health challenges, … Continue reading

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Therapy Can Help You Stand on Your Own After Stroke

The first steps you need to make during your recovery from a stroke can be the most difficult you will take. This is especially true for seniors, given the decline in physical conditions that comes with aging. Apart from the challenge of regaining strength to do basic physical activities, experiencing stroke impacts emotional state and … Continue reading

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How Stroke Affects Your Physical Abilities in 10 Ways

Stroke can be the unseen enemy that robs you of your independence when you’re not watching your health. While every stroke attack is considered unique to every patient, there are common effects that every stroke survivor understands. At Road to Recovery Physical and Occupational Therapy, we intend to orient you with these effects so that … Continue reading

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Regaining the Important Things: Conditions We Treat to Help You

Don’t you wish you could get back what you lost? It seems impossible sometimes, especially when what you lost is your ability to move comfortably. But, you should know that through therapy, it is possible to regain this important ability in life! Therapy comes in a lot of forms but a common one, one you … Continue reading

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Know the Importance of Geriatric Physical Therapy

As each of us age, we experience problems with range of movement. Our bones and muscles tend to weaken; thus, limiting us from doing activities that were usually a piece of cake. Physical Therapy in Far Rockaway is highly beneficial to seniors, even if they don’t have chronic or debilitating conditions. It often eliminates the … Continue reading

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