Rutu Purohit, PT

Rutu is a senior physical therapist working at Crown Heights. She started her journey with Road to Recovery in September 2019. Before that she was working in a skilled nursing facility in Brooklyn. She is a licensed PT currently pursuing her doctorate at Turo College. She graduated with a masters degree in Kinesiology from California Baptist University . Being an immigrant in the USA, she has done her Bachelor’s degree in PT at Gujarat University in India. Apart from studying in schools, she is also a certified neuro dynamic solutions therapist which includes diagnosis and treatment of neurological dysfunctions. She is a certified Practitioner for Mulligan Technique. She has experience in various specializations and works in a variety of settings such as geriatric, pediatric, neurological pediatric, cardiovascular, neuromuscular and orthopedic patients. Outside of work Rutu likes to travel and taste good food. She believes in helping patients to alleviate the pain and live a normal independent life.