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Anti-gravity training has gained popularity in many clinics, gyms, and even in households because of its numerous advantages and futuristic approach to getting well, and even looking good. Road To Recovery Physical and Occupational Therapy provides for you the methods and technologies of this futuristic approach so you can get back to your shape and regain physical balance and control like you’ve never lost it before.

The wonder behind anti-gravity training is in its very essence of lifting the burden of your weight when you do your therapy or exercise. If you get Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York from our team, you can make these three things possible:

  • exercising without the pain that is caused by your weight;
  • relieved pressure from your muscles, joints, and bones;
  • more time spend for exercising and training, which is usually cut short due to muscle strain.

As soon as you get a “GO” signal from your physician, we can immediately start with our anti-gravity training since it proves to be a lot safer compared to other forms of training. You can trust that the methods we adopt and the technologies we employ have been thoroughly checked and approved by regulating bodies, ensuring your safety while you are with us.

Discover more about this new trend in physical and occupational therapy, and even in staying fit. Call Road to Recovery PT in Williamsburg at 718-488-7272 for more information about our anti-gravity training and other treatments for Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York. You may also check out our website to discover more services that we can offer to you and to your loved ones.


Return to running and physical activity sooner after injury or surgery with the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. The AlterG is a tool used early in the rehabilitative process that provides accurate, safe, and comfortable partial weight-bearing support while promoting normal gait patterns.
The AlterG allows injured athletes to use their normal running form in recovering and seamlessly transitioning back to full-sport participation without the need to introduce water or other forms of cross training to preserve fitness. Using technology originally designed for NASA, the AlterG enables the athlete to reach the aerobic intensity of his or her previous workouts while decreasing the impact and stress on lower extremity structures (hips, knees, ankles or feet) and the injured area, thus preventing lapses in training during the recovery process.

Amby Burfoot, a longtime editor at Runner’s World magazine and the 1968 Boston Marathon champion, has said, “The AlterG is the most significant advance in training equipment for distance runners in the last half century.”

How it works:

The AlterG uses advanced differential air pressure technology to generate a powerful lifting force, which provides precise unweighting in 1% increments from 20% body weight up to 100% (full weight bearing). The athlete wears custom neoprene shorts and zips into the airtight chamber, which then becomes pressurized and calibrates to their exact body weight to allow for total control over the amount of weight bearing. Patients can adjust it to the exact point in which exercise becomes pain free, enabling the physical therapist to accurately measure and track progress.

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is beneficial for the following functional rehabilitation indications:

  • Performance training for athletes

    Overspeed training, intervals, hill training up to 15% incline, single leg hops, plyometrics, agility drills, lateral training, backpedaling.

  • Senior health and wellness

    Fall prevention, osteoporosis prevention, balance training, cardiovascular conditioning, strength and coordination.

  • Weight management

    Conditioning for obese individuals, maintaining caloric expenditure, enabling exercise with co-morbidities, safe exercise introduction, ability to feel target body weight and gain motivation from feeling it, decreased stress-related injuries.

  • Athletes with neurological conditions

    Helps restore balance and a safe return to activity for people with neurological conditions such as: Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, post-stroke, traumatic brain injury, and incomplete spinal cord injury; amputees learning to walk again or adjusting to a new prosthesis.

  • Aging athletes (Baby Boomers!) trying to stay in shape

    Enables running for those who can’t run because of old injuries or arthritis, gives the chance to get extra workouts without the impact on joints, makes running more fun because of the lower impact and the secure feeling of knowing you can’t fall off the treadmill.

Top 5 reasons to try the AlterG:

  • Maintain strength and endurance while rehabbing from an injury
  • Improve upon an inefficient gait
  • Minimize or reduce pain while running
  • Run faster and farther with less impact on joints
  • Begin running after a long absence due to neurological conditions, arthritis or other chronic injuries

Who can use the AlterG?

Anyone and everyone! We offer an affordable pricing structure for AlterG usage. Depending on your individual goals, you can either purchase multi-session cards (1, 5 or 10-session passes) or join our monthly membership program for unlimited usage.

Pricing Structure for AlterG Usage


  • Patient Fees:

    Applies to people who have PT appointments scheduled for rehab or prehab

    • One 30-Minute Session: $10
    • 5 30-Minute Session Pass: $40
    • 10 30-Minute Session Pass: $75
  • Non-Patient Fees:

    • One 30-Minute Session: $25
    • 5 30-Minute Session Pass: $99
    • 10 30-Minute Session Pass: $189


Lifestyle Membership: $99/month

Includes up to 3 sessions/week with a max session length of 45 minutes