Dr. Mark Vaysman, DPT

Founder, CEO
Dr. Mark Vaysman, DPT founded Road to Recovery Physical Therapy in 2004 out of frustration that he experienced working at various outpatient clinics as well as acute and subacute departments of major NYC rehab hospitals. Facility after facility, Dr. Mark encountered administrators placing profits before outcomes, quantity before quality, and turning therapy departments into factories. Road to Recovery PT was established with the fundamental belief that patients should be treated on an individual basis. Dr. Mark believes patients should be given a diverse array of treatment modalities and manual techniques, along with a progressive and varied exercise and stretching program, to ensure maximum recovery in the shortest possible time. This all-encompassing approach, along with Dr. Mark’s strong background in manual therapy and exercise prescription, has led to Road to Recovery’s successful treatment protocols, adhered by all company therapists, geared for patients looking to get back into sport, recover from injury, or beat chronic pain. Dr. Mark continues to lead his team by example, as in addition to CEO responsibilities he continues to treat a full caseload of patients. Under Dr. Mark’s strong leadership Road to Recovery PT has assembled a team of the most skilled and dedicated professionals in the field of physical and occupational therapy who on a daily basis use their passion for movement, performance, kinesiology, and treatment of musculoskeletal impairments to get their patients on the road to recovery.
In his spare time Dr. Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and children worshiping, traveling, hiking, working out, playing sports, and enjoying all that Rockaway beach has to offer.