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Frozen shoulder

This occurs when there is thickening, swelling and tightening of the flexible tissue that surrounds your shoulder joint. This makes your movements stiff and painful.

Rotator cuff disorders

Tendons are tough, rubbery cords that links muscles to bones. This keeps the joint in the correct position, allowing it to move in a controlled way. Symptoms for this pain includes pain on the front and side of your shoulder, pain at night, pain that worsens during activities that involve your arm and pain when you move your arm in an arc way from your body.

Shoulder Instability

This occurs when the ball part of the shoulder joint does not move correctly in the socket. It’s symptoms include tingling, numbness, shoulder fatigue, weakness and a locking or popping sensation.

Acromioclavicular joint disorders

Symptoms for this type of shoulder pain are limited movement of the joint, pain in the joint and partially or completely dislocating your acromioclavicular joint. If this specific joint is dislocated this may look visibly out of position.