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Hips and Thighs


Discomfort and stiffness in the groin, button and thigh are the usual symptoms of hip arthritis. It gets more painful when you are doing sports or just generally active through the day. Osteoarthritis is usually caused when the cartilage that protects the bones are worn out, the pain you feel is because of the bones that rub directly against each other.

Hip Fractures

Fractures in the hip are commonly caused by a fall or a direct hip on your hips. There are also medical conditions that causes the hip bones to fracture such as osteoporosis, cancer, and many more.

Septic Hip Arthritis

Septic arthritis in the hip or thighs is caused by an infection by microorganisms – bacteria, virus or fungi. Symptoms include fever, chills, joint pain, swelling, stiffness, warmth. People who are prone to develop this condition are those who are into intravenous drug abuse, alcoholism, those who have immune deficiency disorders, rheumatic diseases and many more.

Quadriceps Muscle Strain

A quadriceps muscle strain on the hip and thigh area are most common to athletes; especially runners. The strain happens when the person is trying to accelerate and the muscles are placed under more force than it can withstand resulting in muscle fibers and or tendons in being torn away. Quadriceps muscle strain can also occur when there is an imbalance between weak quadriceps and stronger hamstrings.

Quadriceps Contusion

A contusion is described as receiving a direct impact on the muscles on the hip and thigh area causing it to be crushed against the both and can cause bleeding and damage. This type of injury is most common in contact sports such as football or hockey.

Myositis Ossificans

Myositis Ossificans may occur as a complication when a quadriceps contusion is not treated gently and properly or when an injured person has not properly healed and suddenly returns to activity. It is described as having a bony growth within the muscle and can be very painful.