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Five Signs: How to Spot a Potential Stroke

Do you know anyone in your community who just had a stroke? Your answer will most likely be a yes. According to the records of the American Heart Association, there are about 795,000 Americans who are afflicted with the stroke each year. This data translates to around 130,000 people fatally hit by stroke every year. … Continue reading

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How Can Occupational Therapy Help You?

There are a number of different ways that occupational therapy can be used to help you. The main purpose of this service is to help you relearn or even learn new skills to cope with your new physical reality. If you have suffered from a stroke, a disability, or recovering from a major operation, you … Continue reading

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Regaining the Important Things: Conditions We Treat to Help You

Don’t you wish you could get back what you lost? It seems impossible sometimes, especially when what you lost is your ability to move comfortably. But, you should know that through therapy, it is possible to regain this important ability in life! Therapy comes in a lot of forms but a common one, one you … Continue reading

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Know the Importance of Geriatric Physical Therapy

As each of us age, we experience problems with range of movement. Our bones and muscles tend to weaken; thus, limiting us from doing activities that were usually a piece of cake. Physical Therapy in Far Rockaway is highly beneficial to seniors, even if they don’t have chronic or debilitating conditions. It often eliminates the … Continue reading

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Physical Therapy Exercises for Seniors after Hip Replacement

It is estimated that one in three seniors ages 65 years old and above experience fall accidents, and the incidence increases with advancement in age. In fact, half of the population of seniors ages 80 years old and above have at one point succumbed to a fall accident. Some of these accidents are minor, causing … Continue reading

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